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From Dream to Reality

RF Solutions Inc is a subsidiary of Electronum Design Inc.

Electronum Design Inc was born in 1985 in the half of the living room of a 3 bedroom apartment in Toronto.

Electronum was dedicated and had majority of the products developed for manufacturing industry, and in particular for automotive industry.

The products made were an answer to the needs in the production line, starting with electronic brake monitors for stamping presses and all kind of gadgets which quality or production needed. All products were built around microprocessors, from Intel, Motorola, Parallax, oh yes, the stamps were in big demand too, and continuing with Microchip line.

In 2005, Electronum joined Orion Custom Made Machinery which was an assembly line manufacturer. Electronum dedicated all the efforts in supporting the assembly equipment since then.

In 2009 due to the rapid development of the RFID tags, and the skyrocketing of this new branch, Electronum opened RF Solutions Inc.

The company is dedicated to custom projects for in stores merchandise tracking, public transportation, and entertainment industry.

One particular interesting field on RFID applications had an enormous success in the SECURITY business.

We developed our own hardware and software for tracking security personnel during their regular checking routine, with real time feedback of passing to a security point, and instant alert to the central monitoring station if the security guard missed a point or did not arrive in time (Patent pending).

Shortly after RF Solutions was born, we found an increasing number of customers looking for Wireless links in all kind of applications.

From simple wireless programmers for PLC (Programmable Logic Controller), wireless links between machinery in the plant, remote I/O, wireless monitoring of the assembly plant, or even wireless controlling the heating and cooling in homes.

Based on the increasingly demand, we developed the hardware and software to satisfy the market needs.

All our RF Modules (Radio Frequency) come with the mandatory approval for CE, FCC and IC for Canada.

As a separate branch, we are still developing products which are born from our day by day needs and not necessary related to RFID tagging. This part of the business is mainly dedicated to consumers than industry.

We are still supporting the industry with turn key projects.

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